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Ages become limitation among fat Ronaldo and 35-year-old David Beckham, who back to England team become the word “probably”

September 6th, 2010

It seems that 35-year old David Beckham was rejected by Fibro Capello. Early Capello said that 35-year-old Davey Becks is “Probably a little bit too old”. Now he show his attitude that he think England football door opened for young players, who need to play more games, gain more experience. This is undoubtedly the biggest blow for the fans and maybe David Beckham. Even Capello said the relationship is really good, we can not ignore the a range of issues this raises – does age matter in football?

This problem is not only happened in David, also fat Ronaldo has missed such problem. As the best player who lead Brazil to champion, the biggest restriction is his bolated body. As the picture posted on the Internet, people guess that the fat Ronaldo will end his career in football field. His body reveal that he wasn’t young, and his age is also the limitation for football players.

Nevertheless the biggest pity for football fans will no longer shown David with his Adidas Soccer Shoes in the football field, the nickname of extraterrestrial will record in the history. Even that young players need more experience, we can not give up experienced football players. Maybe the older can drive youngers with calm, change and rapid response. Because in World Cup match, each team would like to be champion, maybe workmanship cooperate can make a great succeed.

This happen event is after the medical staff at AC Milan reportedly told Beckham that he would be able to play top rate football until he was 38, just a few years shy of Italian ace Paolo Maldini, who played until he was 41-years old. Becks has a habit of bouncing back and it would certainly be foolish to draw a line under the sand and say for sure that he will never breach into the England squad again in the future. Also with the prophecy of AC Milan, Adidas produced new Predator X – a new pair of David Beckham Predator Soccer Shoes would have graced the South Africa 2010 World Cup, but an injury ruled him out of the tournament. What Capello said maybe caused a huge loss in Beckham – the remarks will lead Adidas and Nike search for new famous players abandon of the older.

Of course, for Messi and C Lo, they are just more than 20-year-old but have best skills in the world. What Nike choose C Lo for new nike Mercurial Vapor is the fact to tell us that the older player is not have the same value of young players. Also in fact, age matters in football. It is harder for players in their thirties to compete physically with the teenage whippersnappers who are fresh out of the youth academy. Top flight football is not just about being in peak physical condition however and often an experienced player is just as valuable as a pacey youngster. The experience gained over a 20-year career brings with it a calming and re-assuring influence for the younger players in any team. Managers often require older players to strike a healthy balance both on the pitch and in the dressing room.

The reason certain players are able to play into their late thirties is not because of their physical attributes, though of course these are still important – it is down to their mentality. Certain players remain hungry, driven and motivated to the bitter end and it is that which separates the great players from the rest. With the lose opportunity to show his value in World Cup 2010, maybe the word “probably” is the sign to show that Beckham’s glory moment in 2012.

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Middlesbrough vs Barnsley live streaming England Premier League Soccer on 28th Aug

September 5th, 2010

Watch EPL live Middlesbrough vs Barnsley live streaming English Premier League Soccer on 28th August 2010 from 15:00 UK. Barclays Premier League 2010/2011 Week 3 / Round 3 Premier League. Click Here to Watch Middlesbrough vs Barnsley Live Broadcast online HD  Soccer TV. Enjoy here to watch live streaming England Premier League Soccer match between Middlesbrough vs Barnsley live free online soccer match, August 28, 2010 from your PC or Laptop. EPL English Premier League, kick-off on today Saturday, from 3:00 PM UK. The Barclays English Premier League (EPL), considered as the best in the world. Welcome Barclays Premier League Match Blackpool vs Fulham live free on online. watch and enjoy free exiting footbl match on your desktop. Click here to watch Arsenal vs Blackpool Live Here. The Gunners have also faced stinging criticism from Fulham boss Mark Hughes and the ……….. Watch Blackpool vs Fulham Live online on Live Sport Network, the leading source to watch live Premier League soccer on the web. Fulham will be looking to win this EPL soccer match.

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Middlesbrough vs Barnsley LIVE!

English Premier League :: Week 3 / Round 3 Barclays English Premier League EPL Soccer Match : Middlesbrough vs Barnsley
Sat, 28 August, 2010 14:00 GMT
Venue: Oakwell Stadium, England
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Hiring fast and firing slow by Football Association results in poor communication with David Beckham

August 17th, 2010

It is the organ grinder, the Football Association (FA) and not the monkey, manager Fabio Capello, that we should be looking to, to take responsibility.

Why are we surprised that Fabio Capello did not inform Beckham personally, that his long service with the England football team might be over? After all, this was the third example, in one week, of Capello’s failure to communicate.

Everything that there was to know about the England football team’s current manager was already known at the point he was hired by the FA. He had several, significant weaknesses when he came into the job.

He couldn’t speak English at all well, he had never managed a national team; He has a strict, authoritarian style.

So why did the FA think that he was the right person for the job? The FA is never held accountable for their consistently poor hiring choices and the fact that they are equally slow to fire people.

Few things are more critical to the success of any organization than the attraction and retention of remarkable talent. Unfortunately, leaders often get frustrated during the recruitment process and end up hiring B and C players just to complete the task and have someone in place. It’s the ’slot-filled syndrome’. The people in charge want to take the pressure off themselves, so hire someone, anyone, even if there are obvious weaknesses in their candidate.

However, managing is 80% about hiring well. Hiring a B or C quality individual inevitably leads to more time invested in managing, it results in lower outputs, slower growth rates, less profit and more morale problems. The FA is faced with all of these issues now – poor headlines; poor results and the British nation’s growing cynicism and lack of confidence.

If that weren’t enough, at some point, the leader will probably need to fire that person.

Most leaders put off firing too long, which creates additional problems that could have been avoided if they had hired more skilfully in the first place or had released the employee when it became obvious that his/her competencies had been exceeded.

It was a poor decision on the part of english football’s governing body, the FA, to extend Capello’s contract, at a higher salary, just before the World Cup – with no break-clause, if England’s performance failed to meet expectation.

If it is becoming obvious that Capello’s style is not good enough, the FA should have the courage to let him go – now – and face the consequences.

Eventually, if the FA has to negotiate some kind of termination, it’ll be infinitely more complicated and more expensive than if they had let him go when they knew it was time.

Hire Slow, Fire Fast. Learn this lesson or you’ll regret it later.








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Complaint about Football Jerseys

August 16th, 2010

Are you a football fan? If you are a football fan, you may notice the jerseys and will be interested in any football jerseys. Yes we have been taking a look at the England men’s football jerseys of the last 25 or so years, not only to provide a bit of history, but also as a bit of a refresher before looking toward the future of the England’s kit.

Why I am complaining about the England kit is that there’s no continuity. Unlike most national team kits, the design has changed drastically each time aides or Nike has unveiled their latest designs. Whether it’s red, white, or blue, stripes, sashes or denim, you’ll see below that the designs are all over place. I know that I’m nowhere near the first to say this, but I really think that in order to develop a team identity, we need to have a consistent template for (at least) the home jersey.

Yes, most of people always favored the red jerseys in general, but it is really? It’s good, bright color for fans to wear. Really, I’d rather have it as our home color, but England Football seems hung up on having white home jerseys (which have always seemed kind of bland to me). I guess it’s fitting that the England would wear whites at home since it’s the traditional home color in most England sports.

Absolutely is that, we’ve got images of every home and away kit since long time ago. I’ve offered a brief commentary and grade for cheap jerseys. Obviously, I’m not intending to be objective in any face. You can buy cheap jerseys from China and other countries, like most of guys buy cheap NBA jerseys online. I don’t know what I have said, but it is the end.

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David Beckham where to go – Return back to England Team’s dream has burst

August 15th, 2010

It is said that David Beckham will not return to England Team because his ages. It is confirmed by Fabio Capello, who is England manager, he told ITV ahead of the friendly with Hungary at Wembley ” I say thank you very much for helping me at the World Cup but probably he is a little bit old.” For many England football fan, with regret in World Cup 2010, they hope Beckham will return again and create new myth in 2014. However, with this situation, the dream has burst.

We can not ignore the biggest contribution David has build. Leading England Team more than two times in World Cup, make great contribution in critical moment. Even he is old now, his myth still remain in England football teams. However, ending good luck in 2006 World Cup, Becks alway passed luck. Expecially in 2010, he is no longer the world’s best paid footballer. Everything is coming up Lionel Messi these days, so it only makes sense that he should be the highest paid footballer on the planet. little Leo has surpassed Davey Becks and his modeling millions, dethroning the bearded money tree’s two-year hold on the top spot, and also becoming the fourth highest paid athlete in the world, behind only Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and LeBron James. Acroading to the france football rich list David Beckham(LA Galaxy/Milan) is £27.3m, less than Lionel Messi (Barcelona) £29.6m. What a pity for David? Both of them are Adidas Soccer Shoes spokesprisons, but Messi is advance.

In the glorious moment, David’s honor has remained in Adidas football shoes. Becks, wearing adidas football shoes – despite playing at Real for four seasons had no major trophies to show for his talent and determination. For David Beckham need a new football shoe, Adidas has produced David Beckham’s own thumbprint, which are called “Predator Pulse Thumbprint” – a new version of the Predator Pulse shoes launched earlier by Adidas. Adidas shoes always exemplify the cool design, and the Predator Pulse Thumbprint soccer cleats are no exception. For this series has been in more than four years, this series is still the most popular shoes in 2010 World Cup.

It is hard to say that Nike has given up David just because Adidas and David become companion. After Messi has end up his companion with Nike, Nike has changed his voice to C Lo, which just one status below Becks. For C Lo, it is very worth that Nike produce Mercurial Vapor series for him, just like David Beckham. For David in football field, ages is indeed a problem for a football player, but his skill is above all famous players. But with England going through tortured times, Beckham’s personality still carries enough weight and makes him a valuable asset, especially in a locker room utterly devoid of character.

For football fans, it is easy to buy Soccer Shoes which Becks worn to support him. But as biggest wishes, we suggest Becks will come back to England Team again and create new myth, what a pity for England lose such good player?

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Watch England VS Hungary International Friendly Soccer live preview on Fifa TV

August 14th, 2010

Watch England VS Hungary International Friendly Soccer live preview on Fifa TV

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England’s Defeats was Technological-Opinion by Israr Yousaf

July 17th, 2010

Eye-opener on FIFA World Cup, an exclusive interview with Israr Yousaf

It is often said that prevention is better than cure. Today, with so many mouths to listen to it’s hard to know the real picture. From media and political conspiracies towards football matches the world seems to be lost entirely in the BUZZ. However, we get an opportunity to interview Mr. Israr Yousaf and were enlightened by his views regarding the Football World Cup 2010 and England’s performance.

Israr Yousaf is one big name in the UK software industry. INKA Technology was the first one who initiated software development in UK and is being leaded by Israr Yousaf. Critical evaluation on issues is one of the dominant traits of Israr Yousaf personality. We met with Israr Yousaf recently and were astonished to hear his views regarding the current issues of FIFA World Cup 2010.

According to Israr Yousaf, technology plays an important role in the development of any nation. Israr Yousaf further added that, he is amazed why technology is still not being implemented in various sectors of the country. I personally was astonished when Israr Yousaf said that even England could have won if there was technology used in FIFA World Cup 2010.

What sort of technology you are talking about? I cursorily asked Israr Yousaf. The reply was obvious. Every sort of technology he replied. Israr Yousaf explained that technology, specifically software can be used for managing systems like cameras and third empire. Cricket, for example, Israr Yousaf added is using technology for crucial decisions, then why not Soccer.

As Israr Yousaf was talking with so much confidence, we tried to nudge him a little by asking, who would give such a complex and advanced software system to UK. After a pause and gentle smile Israr Yousaf replied “INKA Technology”. He claimed that INKA Technology has every bit of a resource to erect such a software system that would not let England suffer again in any sports.

The reason to post it is simply that there are people who can solve our problem. The issue is that we need to look for precious gems like Israr Yousaf to follow the trail of success. Only the voice of people can bring change. What is done can’t be changed but a stitch in time can save nine.

The use of technology would have prevented England’s defeat in FIFA World Cup 2010 said Israr Yousaf the founder of INKA Technology. INKA Technology can provide technological software so that only the real winner would get victorious.

Learn More About Popular Football Players Of All Times

July 16th, 2010

Though there are a lot of sports that find their way to the hottest class, it’s Soccer that causes the highest adrenaline rush. The game has numerous legendary players to its credit. However, there are some that are renowned the world over for their unfathomable sportsman spirit and some of the best game skills which they have put up. Here is taking a look at some of the best football player of all times.

When it comes to soccer player’s 1 name which you can’t manage to skip at all is Diego Armando Maradona. He is one of the best soccer players in the entire world. He is the one who helped bag the world cup trophy for Argentina in the year 1986. Maradona is stated to have the finest World Cup Goal to his credit till date. Argentina triumphed over England football team, with a striking goal of Maradona which he pursued single handedly right from the halfway line to finishing score. This goal is still commonly known as as the ‘goal of the century’ by FIFA. In the same game itself he bagged yet another goal to his credit as recognized and renowned as ‘hand of the god’ goal.

Another football player, whose name commands a great deal of regard is Edson Arantes do Nascimento, also popularly called Pele. A healthy and slim form joined with unmatched gaming skill made Pele one of the best players of all times. He has won 3 world cups with Brazil and has an excellent 500 goals to his credit. Pele was only 17 when he won the world cup with Brazil for the first time. To date, he is one of the youngest world cup winning soccer players.

Missing out on Johan Cryuff in the list of finest soccer players would be pure stupidity. He is considered to be 1 of the most talented British players of his generation. Even the finest of defenders could not keep him off from making goal after goal, the credit of which goes to his impeccable dribbling and best balance. In the later years of his life the football star, was engulfed with a lot of problems like alcoholism, womanizing, and gambling, which overshadowed his achievements on the field.

Zinedine Zidane also finds place in the list of the greatest football players. He is considered to be 1 of the most outstanding players of his generation. He helped France win the world cup in 1998. He also made a vital contribution to his team’s victory of European Championship in the year 2000. The player was also bestowed with the honor of European Footballer of the Year, in 1998. He was also awarded the title of FIFA World Footballer of the Year in 1998, 2000, and 2003.

More soccer players will come and go, but the ones discussed above will keep in the memories of every soccer fan forever.

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Some Facts about Football Video Highlights

July 6th, 2010

Football, or soccer for any Americans out there, has been around for well over two thousand years in some form or other. Modern football as we know it, however, is often accredited to the British, who also hold claim to the oldest football league. Rather straight to the point, it is known as The Football League, and was founded in 1888. The Football League served as the top level league in England until 1992, at which time the top 22 teams in the league split away and formed the well known Premier League. There are now several other leagues, including the Italian Serie A and the German Bundesliga, and football has grown to become one of the most popular sports in the world – with some of the most dedicated fans.

Football isn’t just about the match and who wins it, though. Granted, our team winning is the most important aspect to any football fan, but another important factor is how the match is won. Who scores, when they do so, the tactics used that lead up to the goal and finally seeing the ball hit the back of the net like meteor. There’s nothing quite like seeing your team outwit their opponents and score an unexpected or technically difficult goal, and any decent TV editor will have the wits to show these football highlights several times before moving on.

Those of you who were around before the days of the Internet will probably have in your possession several football videos (VHS tapes) filled with the best parts of a season or cup, as that used to be the only way to watch the football highlights again at your own leisure. Luckily the internet has now made it possible to watch all the latest football highlights, as well as old football videos, whenever you so desire.

This also opens up the possibility to watch highlights from leagues that you may not otherwise watch, whether it is because you are not a fan of any particular team in that league or because you simply can’t spare the time to watch all of them. The Internet is fantastic in that you can find all the best bits of every single match played, whether it be in the English Premier League or Spanish la Liga or any other league,  you will be able to find both old and new football videos of all the highlights whenever you so wish.

Initially, most football websites would be dedicated to a specific team or league and would only provide videos and highlights from their particular football interest. For anyone who enjoys football not only for the sake of supporting a team, but for the sheer beauty of the game, that would mean that you had to browse several different sites to get all of your updates. Luckily that is not the case anymore, thanks to dedicated football websites such as FootballReaction.com where you can watch all the latest football highlights and football video clips whenever you want, without spending a single dime.

The author of this article manages the FootballReaction site, bringing you with all the latest football highlights, football videos, and football news.

The author of this article manages the FootballReaction site, bringing you with all the latest football highlights, football videos, and football news.

Europeans clash – Germany Vs. England in FIFA World Cup

July 6th, 2010

Who does not love a game of football where the players combine agility with speed while tackling opposing players? With FIFA World Cup 2010 on, the football fever takes on a new meaning. The event opened with an inauguration ceremony made colorful with such celebrated music artistes like Alicia Keys, Shakira, Black Eyed Peas, John Legend and Angelique Kidjo performing at a concert on June 10 in South Africa. This year, the football lovers have witnessed some rare thrills. A fast-paced action is awaited on Sunday, June 27 when England meets old rival Germany in a Stage 2 match.
The English are not just masters at sophistication. England’s national football team is the jointoldest franchise in the world. This is a distinction matched only by Scotland with the two playing against each other in the world’s first international football match in 1872. Being one of the United Kingdom’s Home Nations, FIFA statutes allow the England football team to compete in all key professional tournaments, except Olympic Games. Head Coach Fabio Capello trains the present team which plays in the home ground of Wembley Stadium in London. England won the FIFA World Cup in 1966 thus becoming one of the seven national teams to do so. In 1990, they finished the World Cup with a fourth place. For the UEFA European Championship, they reached the semifinals twice in 1968 and 1996. England’s most memorable encounters have been against Germany and Scotland.
The German national football team is recognized as one of the three most successful national teams at international tournaments. Germany has been the winner of three World Cup tournaments and three European Championships thus being one of the three most successful national teams to achieve this feat. They have earned second place in four World Cup championships and three European Championships. Germany is listed as the only country to win both the men’s and women’s World Cups.
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tReds is an online and in-store footwear store that focuses on fashion branded shoes, boots, trainers and sandals. If you are having any trouble with our website you can always phone us on 0845 0521 249 (09:00-5:00) Monday to Friday. Our main focus is the brands we stock. It’s our passion! Treds offer different varities like Converse UK, DC Shoes , Skechers Uk etc…            Vans Trainers UK