Will England Bring the Trophy Home?

The English football team have managed to reach the quarter finals of the Fifa World Cup, will this finally be the year that football comes back home for the first time since 1966? Despite not playing their best football, England are still in the tournament and must have a great chance of lifting the trophy.

Some might say that I am biased as I am from England myself and am an avid England supporter, however I really feel that 2006 could be the year for our boys out there in Germany. This may of course be all blown away on Saturday when the team face Portugal and big Phil Scolari. Scolari has been the manager of the last two teams who have knocked England out of the last two major tournaments and therefore will pose a big threat to my team. He was the manager of the Brazil team that beat England in the 2002 World Cup and he was and still is the manager of the Portugal team that beat England in the 2004 European Championship. I am hoping that it will be third time lucky for the English this year.

To say that England are yet to peak is a bit of an understatement as they have in truth been well below par. This could however be quite a good thing, how many times have Germany scraped through to the final stages of the tournament without thrilling the crowds?

With Wayne Rooney becoming stronger and fitter this has to be the best opportunity that England has had for quite some time. There are many leaders and potential captains in the English team. Players like John Terry, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard would all make worthy captains when David Beckham decides to give up this role. As well as potential captains, these players are also what I call winners and when push comes to shove hopefully will deliver the goods.

Argentina, Brazil and Germany could prove to be the biggest dangers to England. After a slow start Ronaldo seems to have found his scoring boots again and the Brazil team has some great players all over the park. I have to say that I am getting quite bored of them winning however, surely its the turn of England this time around.

Germany have played some great football on their home turf and seem to building up a head of steam. They could prove quite difficult to stop and always seem to do well in the World Cup.

Many people would argue that Argentina have probably played the best football so far and that they are worthy favourites. I would have to agree with this and just hope that they have peaked too soon.

It certainly would be a great summer in England if our team can bring football home to where it belongs this year. Good luck England.

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