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Ages become limitation among fat Ronaldo and 35-year-old David Beckham, who back to England team become the word “probably”

Monday, September 6th, 2010

It seems that 35-year old David Beckham was rejected by Fibro Capello. Early Capello said that 35-year-old Davey Becks is “Probably a little bit too old”. Now he show his attitude that he think England football door opened for young players, who need to play more games, gain more experience. This is undoubtedly the biggest blow for the fans and maybe David Beckham. Even Capello said the relationship is really good, we can not ignore the a range of issues this raises – does age matter in football?

This problem is not only happened in David, also fat Ronaldo has missed such problem. As the best player who lead Brazil to champion, the biggest restriction is his bolated body. As the picture posted on the Internet, people guess that the fat Ronaldo will end his career in football field. His body reveal that he wasn’t young, and his age is also the limitation for football players.

Nevertheless the biggest pity for football fans will no longer shown David with his Adidas Soccer Shoes in the football field, the nickname of extraterrestrial will record in the history. Even that young players need more experience, we can not give up experienced football players. Maybe the older can drive youngers with calm, change and rapid response. Because in World Cup match, each team would like to be champion, maybe workmanship cooperate can make a great succeed.

This happen event is after the medical staff at AC Milan reportedly told Beckham that he would be able to play top rate football until he was 38, just a few years shy of Italian ace Paolo Maldini, who played until he was 41-years old. Becks has a habit of bouncing back and it would certainly be foolish to draw a line under the sand and say for sure that he will never breach into the England squad again in the future. Also with the prophecy of AC Milan, Adidas produced new Predator X – a new pair of David Beckham Predator Soccer Shoes would have graced the South Africa 2010 World Cup, but an injury ruled him out of the tournament. What Capello said maybe caused a huge loss in Beckham – the remarks will lead Adidas and Nike search for new famous players abandon of the older.

Of course, for Messi and C Lo, they are just more than 20-year-old but have best skills in the world. What Nike choose C Lo for new nike Mercurial Vapor is the fact to tell us that the older player is not have the same value of young players. Also in fact, age matters in football. It is harder for players in their thirties to compete physically with the teenage whippersnappers who are fresh out of the youth academy. Top flight football is not just about being in peak physical condition however and often an experienced player is just as valuable as a pacey youngster. The experience gained over a 20-year career brings with it a calming and re-assuring influence for the younger players in any team. Managers often require older players to strike a healthy balance both on the pitch and in the dressing room.

The reason certain players are able to play into their late thirties is not because of their physical attributes, though of course these are still important – it is down to their mentality. Certain players remain hungry, driven and motivated to the bitter end and it is that which separates the great players from the rest. With the lose opportunity to show his value in World Cup 2010, maybe the word “probably” is the sign to show that Beckham’s glory moment in 2012.

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Hiring fast and firing slow by Football Association results in poor communication with David Beckham

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

It is the organ grinder, the Football Association (FA) and not the monkey, manager Fabio Capello, that we should be looking to, to take responsibility.

Why are we surprised that Fabio Capello did not inform Beckham personally, that his long service with the England football team might be over? After all, this was the third example, in one week, of Capello’s failure to communicate.

Everything that there was to know about the England football team’s current manager was already known at the point he was hired by the FA. He had several, significant weaknesses when he came into the job.

He couldn’t speak English at all well, he had never managed a national team; He has a strict, authoritarian style.

So why did the FA think that he was the right person for the job? The FA is never held accountable for their consistently poor hiring choices and the fact that they are equally slow to fire people.

Few things are more critical to the success of any organization than the attraction and retention of remarkable talent. Unfortunately, leaders often get frustrated during the recruitment process and end up hiring B and C players just to complete the task and have someone in place. It’s the ’slot-filled syndrome’. The people in charge want to take the pressure off themselves, so hire someone, anyone, even if there are obvious weaknesses in their candidate.

However, managing is 80% about hiring well. Hiring a B or C quality individual inevitably leads to more time invested in managing, it results in lower outputs, slower growth rates, less profit and more morale problems. The FA is faced with all of these issues now – poor headlines; poor results and the British nation’s growing cynicism and lack of confidence.

If that weren’t enough, at some point, the leader will probably need to fire that person.

Most leaders put off firing too long, which creates additional problems that could have been avoided if they had hired more skilfully in the first place or had released the employee when it became obvious that his/her competencies had been exceeded.

It was a poor decision on the part of english football’s governing body, the FA, to extend Capello’s contract, at a higher salary, just before the World Cup – with no break-clause, if England’s performance failed to meet expectation.

If it is becoming obvious that Capello’s style is not good enough, the FA should have the courage to let him go – now – and face the consequences.

Eventually, if the FA has to negotiate some kind of termination, it’ll be infinitely more complicated and more expensive than if they had let him go when they knew it was time.

Hire Slow, Fire Fast. Learn this lesson or you’ll regret it later.








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David Beckham where to go – Return back to England Team’s dream has burst

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

It is said that David Beckham will not return to England Team because his ages. It is confirmed by Fabio Capello, who is England manager, he told ITV ahead of the friendly with Hungary at Wembley ” I say thank you very much for helping me at the World Cup but probably he is a little bit old.” For many England football fan, with regret in World Cup 2010, they hope Beckham will return again and create new myth in 2014. However, with this situation, the dream has burst.

We can not ignore the biggest contribution David has build. Leading England Team more than two times in World Cup, make great contribution in critical moment. Even he is old now, his myth still remain in England football teams. However, ending good luck in 2006 World Cup, Becks alway passed luck. Expecially in 2010, he is no longer the world’s best paid footballer. Everything is coming up Lionel Messi these days, so it only makes sense that he should be the highest paid footballer on the planet. little Leo has surpassed Davey Becks and his modeling millions, dethroning the bearded money tree’s two-year hold on the top spot, and also becoming the fourth highest paid athlete in the world, behind only Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and LeBron James. Acroading to the france football rich list David Beckham(LA Galaxy/Milan) is £27.3m, less than Lionel Messi (Barcelona) £29.6m. What a pity for David? Both of them are Adidas Soccer Shoes spokesprisons, but Messi is advance.

In the glorious moment, David’s honor has remained in Adidas football shoes. Becks, wearing adidas football shoes – despite playing at Real for four seasons had no major trophies to show for his talent and determination. For David Beckham need a new football shoe, Adidas has produced David Beckham’s own thumbprint, which are called “Predator Pulse Thumbprint” – a new version of the Predator Pulse shoes launched earlier by Adidas. Adidas shoes always exemplify the cool design, and the Predator Pulse Thumbprint soccer cleats are no exception. For this series has been in more than four years, this series is still the most popular shoes in 2010 World Cup.

It is hard to say that Nike has given up David just because Adidas and David become companion. After Messi has end up his companion with Nike, Nike has changed his voice to C Lo, which just one status below Becks. For C Lo, it is very worth that Nike produce Mercurial Vapor series for him, just like David Beckham. For David in football field, ages is indeed a problem for a football player, but his skill is above all famous players. But with England going through tortured times, Beckham’s personality still carries enough weight and makes him a valuable asset, especially in a locker room utterly devoid of character.

For football fans, it is easy to buy Soccer Shoes which Becks worn to support him. But as biggest wishes, we suggest Becks will come back to England Team again and create new myth, what a pity for England lose such good player?

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Modern Football, Merchandise Deals And The Acquisition Of David Beckham

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Football, also known as soccer in the uneducated parts of the world, is now a multi billion pound business that generates huge incomes through television deals, merchandise and shirt sales. Nowhere is this truer than in the English Premier League, some of the world’s richest individuals now own clubs in England, whether it is Manchester United’s Malcolm Glazer, Chelsea’s Roman Abromovich or Manchester City’s Abu Dhabi Group. These investors are willing to spend gargantuan figures on top flight players in the knowledge that the incomes generated by shirt and merchandise sales will recoup the expenditure. This was especially true in the sale of former Manchester United player David Beckham.

Beckham, a worldwide phenomenon in his own right was sold to American club LA Galaxy for a huge figure; especially when the conjecture surrounding his athletic ability is considered. Critics have stated that the acquisition of Beckham was a business rather than tactical move. Part of the evidence surrounding this argument is that when Beckham moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid, the top flight Spanish club doubled their merchandise sales, earning around six hundred million dollars over a four year period. In the last year of playing at Real Madrid it is estimated that Beckham earned around twenty seven million dollars through playing fees and lucrative endorsement deals.

When the thirty two year old star moved to LA Galaxy it was clear that the team’s executives wanted to cash in on Beckham’s profile rather than his skills or ability. It was also a concerted move by the chiefs of Major League Soccer to give the sport a larger appeal within the United States. Once the news was announce a furore ensued, with fans hotly anticipating the arrival of such a global star. Beckham himself is set to make a vast fortune over his five year contract period; around 32.5 million dollars in playing fees and a further two hundred million in product endorsements, merchandise deals and marketing earnings.

Seemingly Beckham immediately settled into his new LA home, becoming a regular attendee at parties hosted by film and music stars such as Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Snoop Dog. This in turn added to his already high celebrity profile in the States, meaning that he was now a household name amongst those not in the football fraternity. Today his face is splashed all over America, in numerous television adverts, posters advertising merchandise and roadside billboards. The result was that even before Beckham had played a game for LA Galaxy, more than three hundred thousand football jerseys had been sold, bringing a total income to the club of around twenty four million dollars.

Whatever can be said about Beckham’s off pitch antics, fans have flocked to see him in action. Both home and away ticket sales have risen since his joining. LA Galaxy sold more than two thousand season tickets in the hours following his signing. In terms of away fixtures, despite the mediocre popularity of football in the USA, the remaining eleven games on the list after Beckham was signed were all sell outs. It is hoped that in the five years that Beckham is playing for LA Galaxy that television deals will be secured and the profile of soccer in the United States will be raised considerably.

While some may criticise the form of this global superstar his acquisition is indicative of the growing trend in world football. It is now a business rather than a sport, and instead of managers making the tactical decisions over which players to buy, chairmen and executives are involving themselves in the process attempting to find stars that will sell the largest amount of shirts and merchandise. This may be a sad state of affairs but is simply how the modern world of football works.

Cultural expert Thomas Pretty looks at how football merchandise sales are now a major part of the sport.

Beckham ready to start coaching role as England reach base camp

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Beckham ready to start coaching role as England reach base camp
Off the dusty R565 road, the England team bus finally swung through the gates of the Royal Bafokeng sports campus yesterday and into the site that they will call home for as long as they last in the World Cup finals. For one member of the party – squad member No 24 – it will have been a bittersweet moment as the bus pulled up and the staff came out to meet the players.

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David Beckham is teaching England winger Theo Walcott how to cross

Friday, May 28th, 2010

David Beckham is teaching England winger Theo Walcott how to cross
England winger Theo Walcott has revealed how David Beckham can turn him into a world beater. Walcott idolised Beckham as a youth and wore the No 7 shirt against Mexico.

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Beckham will be England’s cheerleader

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Beckham will be England’s cheerleader
David Beckham will not be an apprentice to manager Fabio Capello, but his role will be that of a cheerleader on the England bench at the football World Cup being held in South Africa June 11-July 11.

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Monday, May 24th, 2010

Fabio Capello is convinced David Beckham has a major role to play as a World Cup cheerleader. Beckham has been ruled out of England’s bid for glory in South Africa this summer with an Achilles injury.

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Beckham makes first Afghanistan visit

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Beckham makes first Afghanistan visit
Former England football captain David Beckham has visited the British soldiers serving in Afghanistan.

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Beckham delivers England bid book

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Beckham delivers England bid book
David Beckham today handed over England’s 2018 World Cup bid book to FIFA with the message “football runs through our veins”.

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