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Complaint about Football Jerseys

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Are you a football fan? If you are a football fan, you may notice the jerseys and will be interested in any football jerseys. Yes we have been taking a look at the England men’s football jerseys of the last 25 or so years, not only to provide a bit of history, but also as a bit of a refresher before looking toward the future of the England’s kit.

Why I am complaining about the England kit is that there’s no continuity. Unlike most national team kits, the design has changed drastically each time aides or Nike has unveiled their latest designs. Whether it’s red, white, or blue, stripes, sashes or denim, you’ll see below that the designs are all over place. I know that I’m nowhere near the first to say this, but I really think that in order to develop a team identity, we need to have a consistent template for (at least) the home jersey.

Yes, most of people always favored the red jerseys in general, but it is really? It’s good, bright color for fans to wear. Really, I’d rather have it as our home color, but England Football seems hung up on having white home jerseys (which have always seemed kind of bland to me). I guess it’s fitting that the England would wear whites at home since it’s the traditional home color in most England sports.

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Manly halves rewarded with rep jerseys

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Manly halves rewarded with rep jerseys
MANLY’S pair of young halves, Trent Hodkinson and Kieran Foran helped the team yesterday get back in the winner’s circle.

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