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David Beckham where to go – Return back to England Team’s dream has burst

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

It is said that David Beckham will not return to England Team because his ages. It is confirmed by Fabio Capello, who is England manager, he told ITV ahead of the friendly with Hungary at Wembley ” I say thank you very much for helping me at the World Cup but probably he is a little bit old.” For many England football fan, with regret in World Cup 2010, they hope Beckham will return again and create new myth in 2014. However, with this situation, the dream has burst.

We can not ignore the biggest contribution David has build. Leading England Team more than two times in World Cup, make great contribution in critical moment. Even he is old now, his myth still remain in England football teams. However, ending good luck in 2006 World Cup, Becks alway passed luck. Expecially in 2010, he is no longer the world’s best paid footballer. Everything is coming up Lionel Messi these days, so it only makes sense that he should be the highest paid footballer on the planet. little Leo has surpassed Davey Becks and his modeling millions, dethroning the bearded money tree’s two-year hold on the top spot, and also becoming the fourth highest paid athlete in the world, behind only Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and LeBron James. Acroading to the france football rich list David Beckham(LA Galaxy/Milan) is £27.3m, less than Lionel Messi (Barcelona) £29.6m. What a pity for David? Both of them are Adidas Soccer Shoes spokesprisons, but Messi is advance.

In the glorious moment, David’s honor has remained in Adidas football shoes. Becks, wearing adidas football shoes – despite playing at Real for four seasons had no major trophies to show for his talent and determination. For David Beckham need a new football shoe, Adidas has produced David Beckham’s own thumbprint, which are called “Predator Pulse Thumbprint” – a new version of the Predator Pulse shoes launched earlier by Adidas. Adidas shoes always exemplify the cool design, and the Predator Pulse Thumbprint soccer cleats are no exception. For this series has been in more than four years, this series is still the most popular shoes in 2010 World Cup.

It is hard to say that Nike has given up David just because Adidas and David become companion. After Messi has end up his companion with Nike, Nike has changed his voice to C Lo, which just one status below Becks. For C Lo, it is very worth that Nike produce Mercurial Vapor series for him, just like David Beckham. For David in football field, ages is indeed a problem for a football player, but his skill is above all famous players. But with England going through tortured times, Beckham’s personality still carries enough weight and makes him a valuable asset, especially in a locker room utterly devoid of character.

For football fans, it is easy to buy Soccer Shoes which Becks worn to support him. But as biggest wishes, we suggest Becks will come back to England Team again and create new myth, what a pity for England lose such good player?

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Should The UK Get To have Four National Football Teams Representing Them?

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as it is formally known is one nation under one flag with all its citizens holding one passport and one nationality yet they have four national football teams to represent them. This despite the fact that they are a nation with a population that is about the size of Germany with territorial space that is half the size of France. All of which in my opinion making it unfair that they be allowed to present four national football teams to the world cup when all other nations are only allowed one.


Of course, in this argument I am aware that the average Briton would respond that they are four nations that make up one. This being the case since the UK is comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which to a certain extent are not the same country though all their inhabitants are considered subjects (not citizens since they are a constitutional monarchy) of the same country yet it is to this argument that I would respond in the following manner. Before its disintegration the USSR or CCCP was also one nation comprised of many different nationalities, after all that is why it was called the “Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics” with an emphasis on the word republics; among them being Ukraine, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Estonia and other countries. It even being a case where some of these countries were larger than not only England but the UK as a whole and had even been for the most part of their history completely independent yet despite this factor the Soviet Union played as one nation and not each republic independently.


Another argument presented by the British to keep the present situation and this one perhaps being the strongest, is that since England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own separate football leagues; they should also have their own national teams. As that is how it has always been. I however fail to see this as reason to justify four national teams to represent one country and again I use the case of the Soviet Union. It being they who also could have easily established or allowed separate leagues in each Republic that was a part of their country and by doing so they also would have had several teams to represent them in world football which in their case would have been 13 national teams.


The UK however is represented by one team during the Olympics as they are in many sports though for the reason of separate leagues they are not in either football or rugby yet I feel that if they can make one team to represent them in some sports then they should be able or rather be forced to do the same in football and rugby as well. Regarding the next Olympic games to take place in London however, it has already been decided that there will be for the first time a football team called UK.


Of course I am also aware that a lot of people from Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England would not be happy with one team to represent them but if one thinks over the matter; it is unfair to the rest that they should get four teams when everybody else only gets one. I however for my part feel that a united team would be stronger and have more depth as I could imagine how it would have been back in the sixties to see George Best on the same team with Bobby Charlton. This a combination that obviously worked for Manchester United in 68 when they won the European championship. As for other combinations which also could have proven suitable on the field, I could think of Jordan, Keegan, Dalglish and Brookings in the 70s or Lineker, Shilton, Rush, Armstrong and Whiteside in the 80s or Gigs and Gascoigne in the 90s yet it was not to be though perhaps it should have been.


Another reason perhaps why one team would be a good thing for all is that in all reality England is the strongest of these teams. As they have the best record of the four in the world cup by far; this leading to many players from the other countries choosing to play for England. This given that with England they stand a much better chance of not only playing in the world cup but of possibly even winning it.


This the case since in all frankness, Northern Ireland has only qualified to three world cups with their last appearance being in 86 in which they failed to make the second round or even win a match. It also being that probably their greatest player; “George Best” never got to taste the glory of a world cup.


As for Wales, though theirs was to play well and go out with their dignity in 58 (after only loosing 1-0 to a great Brazilian team in quarterfinals); they have not qualified to another world cup since or even really come all that close to doing so. All of which perhaps making some Welsh players choose to play for England instead given how they may present a case of having lived in England longer than in Wales and since the nationality is the same; it should not represent a problem to choose England over Wales.


As for Scotland, I have come to believe (jokingly of course) that if four out of four teams could move on in to the second round; they would find a way not to qualify. This being the situation since in 7 world cups and 2 European cups, they never managed to go beyond the first round. This despite the fact that in the 86 and 90 world cups which they played in, 16 out of 24 teams qualified. Actually looking back they would have qualified to the next round in 82 had they been using the system which was used in the 86, 90 and 94 world cups but unfortunately for the Scots it was not. Scotland would also manage the feat of not qualifying further than the first round in the European championship in 96 which by virtue of being held in England was practically played in their own country.


Regarding England, it is they who are the most successful team to come from the British isles since it is they who have not only won a World Cup but have managed a fourth place and to qualify to most of the world cups they have participated in yet I wonder how much stronger their team would have been with Best in Mexico 70 or Jordan, Gemmil and Dalglish in 74 and 78 or with Gigs in 2002. All of which making me of the idea that perhaps it is high time the British thought of having one strong team instead of four weaker ones.


In conclusion I would like to claim that I believe (along with many others) that it is really unfair that one country get to have four teams to represent them even if they have four leagues, as the Soviet Union with all its republics could have easily done likewise yet choose to have one team represent them. Naturally in all this, I am equally aware that such thinking could lead some to ask if it is really fair that the UK also get to have more teams represent them in European cups such as the Champion’s League and UEFA Cup?

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Blissful Football Gifts Bring Die-hard Followers of the Game Closer to Favorite Teams & Players

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

When you first think about presenting an exceptional gift to someone special in your life, some of the unique gift ideas that will strike your mind straightway may also include football gifts. As the most popular game of this planet, the beautiful game of football has taken everybody under its captivating grip irrespective of age, gender, language, religion and region barriers. Kids, youths and even adults from various parts of the world enjoy playing this game as well as watching and collecting latest information on the game, thanks to booming age of electronic media and the Internet. As a result, you can do a world of good for football lovers by presenting them fascinating football souvenirs and gifts.

Football, of late, has taken the shape of a battle with intense competition going on at different club as well as country levels. Hard-fought professional football leagues such as English Premier League (EPL), Bundes Liga of Germany, Serie A of Italy and La Liga of Spain have attracted skilled and gifted players from several continents and brought them under one roof. There are massive sponsorship deals, equally huge inter-club transfers of players and above all, unbelievably gigantic fan support. Fans of clubs like Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona, Ajax and Juventus and countries like England, Italy and Brazil are quite passionate about their team performances and follow them madly wherever they go. The ecstasy and agony of favorite teams are reflected on their lives as well.

Popular clubs and football teams of different countries are leaving no stone unturned in recognizing the priceless support of their followers and releasing official team shirts, gears and lots of other items like leather wallet, bottle opener, key ring etc. with official team logo to the public. Die-hard followers derive a sense of pride in boasting these precious items and egg their teams on with double enthusiasm and vigor.

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Football gifts and souvenirs are wonderful medium to bind teams and their fans together. You can’t present any better item to a football lover. He or she will be the happiest human being of the world by receiving gifts that include framed photographs of favorite players, official bootbags, backpacks and stationary sets. Age is not a barrier as you can present them to anyone ranging from kids to grown-up persons.

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Football teams head to Alps before World Cup

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Football teams head to Alps before World Cup
Football fans eager to catch a glimpse of their national stars before the World Cup need go no further than the Alps where over half the competing teams are training.

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World Cup teams to get S.African police guard: official

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

World Cup teams to get S.African police guard: official
Football teams at the World Cup next month will be guarded by specialised police units with additional security for high risk teams and matches, South Africa´s police chief said on Thursday.

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3 more African teams are no pushovers

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

3 more African teams are no pushovers
Editor’s note: The Saipan Tribune wraps up the rest of the Confederation of African Football teams that advanced to the 2010 FIFA World Cup set from June 11 to July 11 in South Africa.

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