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England’s Defeats was Technological-Opinion by Israr Yousaf

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Eye-opener on FIFA World Cup, an exclusive interview with Israr Yousaf

It is often said that prevention is better than cure. Today, with so many mouths to listen to it’s hard to know the real picture. From media and political conspiracies towards football matches the world seems to be lost entirely in the BUZZ. However, we get an opportunity to interview Mr. Israr Yousaf and were enlightened by his views regarding the Football World Cup 2010 and England’s performance.

Israr Yousaf is one big name in the UK software industry. INKA Technology was the first one who initiated software development in UK and is being leaded by Israr Yousaf. Critical evaluation on issues is one of the dominant traits of Israr Yousaf personality. We met with Israr Yousaf recently and were astonished to hear his views regarding the current issues of FIFA World Cup 2010.

According to Israr Yousaf, technology plays an important role in the development of any nation. Israr Yousaf further added that, he is amazed why technology is still not being implemented in various sectors of the country. I personally was astonished when Israr Yousaf said that even England could have won if there was technology used in FIFA World Cup 2010.

What sort of technology you are talking about? I cursorily asked Israr Yousaf. The reply was obvious. Every sort of technology he replied. Israr Yousaf explained that technology, specifically software can be used for managing systems like cameras and third empire. Cricket, for example, Israr Yousaf added is using technology for crucial decisions, then why not Soccer.

As Israr Yousaf was talking with so much confidence, we tried to nudge him a little by asking, who would give such a complex and advanced software system to UK. After a pause and gentle smile Israr Yousaf replied “INKA Technology”. He claimed that INKA Technology has every bit of a resource to erect such a software system that would not let England suffer again in any sports.

The reason to post it is simply that there are people who can solve our problem. The issue is that we need to look for precious gems like Israr Yousaf to follow the trail of success. Only the voice of people can bring change. What is done can’t be changed but a stitch in time can save nine.

The use of technology would have prevented England’s defeat in FIFA World Cup 2010 said Israr Yousaf the founder of INKA Technology. INKA Technology can provide technological software so that only the real winner would get victorious.