England v France: Your stories

England v France: Your stories

  • 17 November 2015
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Wembley StadiumImage copyright Reuters

England are to play France in a friendly football match at Wembley Stadium.

It comes after the multiple attacks in Paris on Friday in which 129 people died, which the so-called Islamic State (IS) group claim to have carried out.

BBC News website readers share their thoughts about attending the match.

Ryan Holmes, Leeds

Image copyright Ryan Holmes
Image caption “I’ve decided to take this banner to offer support”, says Ryan Holmes

“I’ve been telling people about going to the match tonight. I was a little scared.

It shouldn’t be like that, there will be kids at the match too.

I’m taking my banner to support Paris.

It has been quiet on the coach trip down to London.

I don’t speak French but I hope to be able to communicate my support to them.”

Neil Hardcastle, Portsmouth

Image copyright Neil Hardcastle
Image caption “I believe we should go about our lives as normal” says England fan, Neil Hardcastle

“I am taking my son for his twelfth birthday. He wants to sing the French national anthem.

If you start amending how you go about your life then they’ve won, haven’t they?

I believe we should go about our lives as normal.

After all, it is still my son’s birthday. I like to take the pragmatic view.

We will both be wearing blue shirts in support of the French.

I have checked on YouTube for the lyrics to Le Marseillaise.

I coach my boy’s football team on Sundays and they’ve suggested we should hold a minute’s silence.”

Jason Walker, Sussex

“I was a bit cautious about going at the time when the authorities said the match might be cancelled. My son was concerned initially.

I said we need to have faith and we need to get on with our lives. We cannot give in to terrorism.

The terrorists want to disrupt our way of life, but we are carrying on as usual. We are going to sing the French National anthem.

It’s about more than football tonight. 90 minutes will be about football but it’s also about unity and coming together. We’ll fight against terrorism together.

I am comforted to know that there will be an armed police presence tonight.”

Jonny Gould, Birmingham

Image copyright Jonny Gould
Image caption “I want to support England and France as an entity against any enemy” says Jonny Gould

“I am very happy as a fan to go to the game. I have been to games before that have been beset with tensions.

I want to support England and France as an entity against any enemy.

I don’t believe in making a political gesture, other than being there.

I am going to the match with my wife, who is French.

I will wear my favourite footy jacket and my special trainers.

This is about our leisure time and freedom to be who we are.”

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