Give England chance to be good – Hodgson

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Former England manager Roy Hodgson says the players must be allowed to move on from the shock Euro 2016 loss to minnows Iceland.

The 69-year-old quit after the 2-1 last-16 defeat in June but has backed the side to achieve in future.

“They’re going to be good,” he told BBC Radio 5 live’s Sportsweek.

“I just hope they’re going to be given the chance to be good and not constantly held back by people trying to lay the sins of the past upon them.”

Hodgson was in charge of the national side for four years after replacing Italian Fabio Capello in 2012, winning three of his 11 games in charge at major tournament finals.

The defeat by Iceland, who were among the lowest-ranked teams at the European Championship in France at 34 in the world, brought an end to his time in the role.

“I don’t know whether you ever get over things that cause you pain,” said Hodgson.

“You probably shouldn’t relate it to death and the family but where grieving is involved and things matter to you a lot, do you ever get over it? I suppose there’s always going to be a scar.”

He added: “I don’t intend to grieve any longer and I certainly don’t intend to let it haunt me.

“If we’re going to move on as a team, and they’re going to move on as players, then it has to be put to rest.

“They have to be allowed to take the plaudits, which I know will come their way in the future games.”

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Hodgson on Gareth Southgate…

England have since parted company with Hodgson’s successor Sam Allardyce and employed Gareth Southgate as they look to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

“It’s a good appointment, like everyone else I endorse it,” said Hodgson.

“He comes into the job with a lot of credibility and a lot of goodwill, so I think he’s in a good position to take the team forward.

“He’s choosing the right players. I’m convinced these are the guys who will lead us forward, and there’s still a few good ones to come in.

“Luke Shaw, Jack Butland, Danny Welbeck, John Stones, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – there’s quite a few players we couldn’t use this summer, but I’m certain Gareth will find them useful because they have the potential and the capacity to play at that level.”

Gareth Southgate and Roy Hodgson<!–

Hodgson on Wayne Rooney…

Hodgson appointed Wayne Rooney as his captain and backed the Manchester United forward after pictures emerged of him at a wedding at the England team hotel while on international duty.

“If people are going to judge him honestly, the press people who failed to condone his recent escapade, if they were to be honest they’d have to say he’s done a good job as captain,” said Hodgson.

“It’s interesting that decision to make him captain has been endorsed by two other managers. Gareth will decide if his place is always in the team from the start.”

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Hodgson on the English media…

Hodgson is keen to return to management in England or abroad, having worked in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the UAE and Italy during his career.

The former Blackburn and Fulham boss revealed that one aspect of the media coverage came as a surprise when he returned to the UK.

“I didn’t realise I had a speech impediment until I came back to England,” he said.

“I spent the whole of my life working abroad and no-one mentioned it. I came back to England and suddenly realised I had a speech impediment.

“I don’t think anything’s cruel – if you’re so sensitive these days that you see cruelty everywhere, unfortunately every time a comedian comes on television, you’re going to accuse him of cruelty, because that’s the kind of humour that the English people enjoy.”

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