Rooney has 'few years left' for England

Wayne Rooney

England captain and record goalscorer Wayne Rooney is confident he has “a few years left” at international level.

The Manchester United forward, 30, scored seven goals in their Euro 2016 qualifying campaign, but has not played since a knee injury in February.

The top two scorers in this season’s Premier League are both England strikers, Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy.

“Over the past two years my form for England has been really good. I’ve scored a lot of goals,” Rooney said.

“I’ll keep trying to, first and foremost, help the team be successful and if I can score the goals to help achieve that then that’ll be great.

“I’ve still got a few years left, I feel,” he told the PFA’s 4 The Player magazine. “I’m always just thinking about what comes next and making sure I’m at my best for the summer.

“I feel I’m a lot more patient now in my play. When I was younger I could be impatient and I’d end up in positions I didn’t really need to be in.”

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