Wales, England fans not wearing team shirts

England and Wales supporters holding flags

Ahead of their Euro 2016 match in Lens, many Wales and England fans have been gathering in nearby Lille.

Some have told Newsbeat they are dressing down ahead of the match, not wanting to wear team shirts and kit which would draw attention to themselves.

“I was a little bit worried coming over,” said one England fan, Daniel.

“[But] I’ve got a lot of friends who went to Marseille and they’ve been drinking with all sorts of fans.”

There had been some trouble with Russian fans clashing with England and Wales supporters but some fans say the media has made it out to be a “lot worse that it is”.

England and Wales fans and a policeman with a gun

Steve, a Wales supporter, said he was “not so much worried but a little bit apprehensive” about the possibility of fights breaking out again.

“It’s just a couple of Russians were looking for a bit of aggro outside a bar,” he told Newsbeat, describing the violence on Tuesday evening.

“It just kicked off a little bit and that was it really. Just lots of singing, lots of chanting.”

His friend Ceri added: “I think we’ll be a bit more careful tonight.”

British police are now in the area to help French authorities keep the peace.

Daniel’s friend Ryan says he believes the fact Russia could get kicked out of the tournament means trouble will calm down, although more hardcore supporters “don’t care” about that outcome.

“There have been arrests of supporters in Lille yesterday and also a coach load [of Russian fans] got stopped as well so hopefully that’ll put a stop to them,” he said.

I’ve got a lot of friends who went to Marseille and they’ve been drinking with all sorts of fans


England fan

“England fans are just getting attacked for no reason at all.”

A drinking ban has come into effect but a number of fans told Newsbeat they would find ways around it, including getting alcohol in hotel bars.

Aside from the violence, there is actually a competition going on. So with that in mind, who do the fans think will win?

“Got to win, pressure’s on now. 2-0,” said Daniel and Ryan.

“We played well on Saturday. It was a last minute goal. We were a bit sloppy. We were the better side. We should have taken chances but we didn’t.

“I think we are a better side than Wales. Keep Gareth Bale quiet and I think we’ll win.”

Ceri and Steve

Unsurprisingly, Ceri and Steve disagree.

“A win, Wales winning,” they said, with high hopes for Gareth Bale to perform again.

“I think we’ll get a result and I think England are going to be up against it in the last game against Slovakia.”

But, despite the rivalry on the pitch, it seems like most England and Wales fans are getting on well, taking photos with each other, chatting and even playing their own games of football on the streets.

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