England scout Alan Cork has spoken of the panic he witnessed after he was caught up in two stadium security alerts in the space of five days.

The 56-year-old was at Hannover Stadium on Tuesday as Germany’s friendly with Holland was called off

He was also in the Stade de France last Friday when the stadium was targeted as part of the attacks on Paris.

“No-one really knew what was going on,” the former Wimbledon striker said of the Paris attacks.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 live, he added: “There were two big bangs in the first half and no-one knew what it was.

“Half-time came and our French driver told us two bombs had gone off outside the ground and there had been some deaths.

“After the game, when the crowd started to leave, they wouldn’t let us out and people started coming back on to the pitch.

“The driver said again that there was a man outside with a machine gun and they thought he was trying to get inside the stadium.

“Everyone started to panic. It got a bit too real.

“People were texting saying what was happening and the Football Association texted to tell us not to go anywhere and stay where we were safe.

“When the crowd was on the pitch we expected someone to burst in with guns.”

A total of 129 people were killed during Friday’s attacks on the French capital, which included three explosions outside the national stadium.

Tuesday’s friendly in Hannover was called off and the stadium evacuated less than two hours before kick-off.

Cork was in a car, 50 yards from the stadium, when the news was relayed to his driver, who then drove away from the area.

“It was a strange one last night because no-one was panicking,” added Cork.

“People were walking quickly but there was no running or screaming. It was controlled and that put everyone at ease.

“It is still in your mind that someone could come out of the shadows shooting. It is frightening.”